The Common Misconceptions about Bio-pesticides

How are you tending to yur crop groowth? Many famers and agricultarists are still divided as to the crop protection approach they should take. The question, often, is what is going to be the most cost effective and productive?

Bio-pesticides is one of the options commonly discussed today – and for good reason. It’s natural, is easy to apply and gives plants the nurtients it needs, and nothing extra.

In spite of the growing popularity, and its advantages over the traditional alternatives, several misconceptions still exist. With this post, we will try to clear some of them.

Using Bio-Pesticides: A Word from the Experts

Bio-pesticides are one of the easiest ways to keep your crops safe. If you are still worried as to whether they would be as effective as the options you employ, just go in for crop protection solutions from well known providers like DKBcrop.

They are the experts in bio-pesticides and have been helping out agriculturalists and farm owners with effective pest control strategies in a sustainable way. With years of experience behind their back, they can guide you all the way.

However, the first step is to get rid of all the misconceptions and learn more about the advantages of going natural and shifting to biopesticides.  We are sure you are going to love the new approach.

The Top Misconceptions About Biopesticies

You might not know it but biopesticides are one of the most effective ways to deal with pests and weeds, and since they come without the chemicals that you woud normally associatd with pesticides, they are a lot healthier too.

In effect, you do not add in more chemicals to the food chain, and in fact, ensure that you lessen it.

Bio-pesticides are expensive

It is a common myth that bio-pesticides are much more expensive than the traditionally used chemical-based pesticides that have been in the market since forever. That is why they don’t even want to try to use them. However, it is not true.

There is not much difference in the prices of bio-pesticides and the other traditional ones. Moreover, you get much better and long-lasting effects if you use these pesticides.

Bio-pesticides are only for organic crops

 The second most common misconception is that these biopesticides can only be used for organic crops. However, this is not the case, and you can see tremendous improvements in results if you use them as your crop protection strategy in any kind of farming practice. So, it is clearly not restricted to organic farming.

Bio-pesticides are less effective than traditional chemicals

People often think that these bio-pesticides are less effective than traditional chemicals because they are strong and can have immediate effects. However, if you notice carefully, bio-pesticides are also equally effective and eco-friendly, so it does not harm the soil and the environment. Moreover, it has long-lasting effects, so the chances of your crops getting destroyed by weeds or insects are fairly less.

Have you thought about using bio-pesticides yet?